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Gina French: Music

Something About The Night - Acoustic Live

(Gina French)
Gina French - Acoustic, Lance Lee - Bass Guitar, Guy Benson Recording. Download at -

Midnight Tracks - Live

(Gina French)
August, 2006
Gina French - Acoustic and Vocal. Bass Guitar - Lance Lee, Guy Benson Recording. Download at -

"Cast Off" - recorded at Sky Songs studio - SLC, Utah

Cast Off

(Gina French - Acoustic. Vocal)
July, 2008
Recorded at Skysongs Studio.

Realized - early version

(Gina French)
Gina French - Acoustic and Vocal, Scratch Track. Recorded at Skysongs Studio.


(Gina French - Live version)
Gina French - Acoustic and Vocal

Title track to upcoming EP, 'ONCE IN A BLUE'.

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