Seattle based, Gina French, is a crossover artist who likes to travel over varied musical landscapes. Drawing from the years of inspiration that she's gathered from many influences; she uses her voice to convey a feeling or a visual mood through her distinctive and expressive phrasing. Writing straight from the heart, she creates authentic melodies which weave and soar throughout the songs that she composes. Her voice has often been described as luxurious, angelic, volcanic, intuitive, and organic. 

Growing up in Salt Lake City, she started to sing at a young age and eventually picked up the acoustic guitar, at age 11. High school choir is where she found her voice and learned to develop it. 
Starting at age 18, she joined her first rock band and would continue to sing in various bands and or perform solo, among the Salt Lake music scene for almost 20 years, until her life path brought her to the emerald city of Seattle.  

With a few setbacks behind her, she finally returned to the studio, in the summer and fall of 2022, recording three new singles at the legendary London Bridge Studio, in Shoreline, Washington. 
 "Seasons of Us", has been newly released, along with, "More Tomorrows".  The last single from this collection, "Dream it all up again’ which has just been released on March 10th. 
Each song pays a tribute towards the joy and heartbreak of life's memories, the grief of unforeseen circumstances, and the courage of starting over again, to dream up new dreams.