1. Child of War

From the recording Child of War


Pale green, wooden horses, you were going to ride to the other lands China dolls and carousels, this is where it all began Frailties of life’s quilted pieces, that you want to bury in the fragile sands But all of these things you carry as a reminder From the days of war on your childhood shore You’re facing the shadows on bended knee Why don’t you bury your burden of sorrows, at sea And the jailed gray, drawn out winters They were too much of your fallen world Casualties of your spirit remain, but now it’s time to heal But all of these things, you carry as a reminder From the days of war, on your childhood shore And the gathered roses from your war-torn ground These are the seeds, that will blossom you to To your fresh new fields, fields of glory To your fresh new fields of glory You’ll chase the shadows on your own two feet And you will bury your burden of sorrows at sea No more tattered pieces, they’re now sewn together, in forgiveness